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So I was wondering, have you ever had a silly thought pop into your head and then later on down the road it turned out that that thought was 100% accurate?

Every now and then when I get on the subject of dowsing I will try to explain that years ago I thought it was a gift that certain people had and others did not and I finally realized that I was actually correct in a way. Nothing is a gift, but if it is, it's a gift that's been given to everybody.

I started using the analogy that suppose a person was of a negative slant like many people are and felt like that this planet was a Prison Planet and we have all been dumped here to live out short lives, suffering, making mistakes, trying to survive, being miserable and then dying.

I started telling people that wouldn't it be wonderful if even though we were indeed placed here to live out our lives seemingly separated from God, God had given us his private 800 number. Wouldn't that be wonderful? Well, we can’t reach God by cellphone, but we CAN learn how to dowse….it’s the same thing. 

It reminds me of the story about the little bird that walked everywhere it needed to go. One day a person says to the little bird, “Hey, I couldn't help but notice that you walk everywhere. Why don't you fly?”  And the bird says, “Fly with what?”  And the other person says, “Well, with your wings of course.”  And the bird says, “Wings?”

What if we all have wings and we're not using them? The commercial says that Red Bull gives us wings, but I think it's possible that dowsing gives us wings.

There are all kinds of dowsing. Some are better at certain types of dowsing than other types. I gave an introductory talk once on energy medicine and after the class I asked this one gentlemen why he came. He said he has always been interested in the topic. I asked what he did for a living and he said he was a plumber and that for years he's carried a dowsing rod is toolbox to find leaky pipes. He said he could find a water leak behind any wall or beneath any floor. I told him I would never attempt to tell him how to do plumbing, but I knew they have very high tech instruments that are electronic and can do that. I found it very humorous when he then says that he knows about those devices, but he really needs the accuracy.  I thought that was pretty cool.

One tip I got from an old-time dowser that was a patient of mine for a while. He said that dowsing is like anything else, the more you do it the better you get at it. At that time I'm not sure I totally believed him, but years later after using dowsing I've discovered that that is indeed true. And it is true also that you can be an expert dowser in one field but not another. There are people who can find water every single time, but they can't do Energy Medicine or check the energy of a human being. And there are dowsers that can scan a person's body very accurately and find issues and imbalance of the various kinds, but they couldn't find water under the ground if their life depended on it. I don't really understand how this works or why it works this way, but it does. But it is true, everyone can learn to dowse and if a person is having trouble dowsing it does not mean they can't dowse, it simply means there's something within the subconscious that needs to be corrected and then they'll be fine. Sometimes it's possible there could be an outside interference, but that too can be remedied.

Several common interference patterns, some external and some internal can interfere with your dowsing accuracy. If you are in a hurry, upset, tired, stressed out, etc., you should come back later and scan whomever and whatever. Also, if you have an emotional or desired outcome picture of what you are looking at, you may need to have someone scan for you: you may just be too close to the situation.

And finally, there is a special Biotheric disc called P & A. This disc helps with Protection and Accuracy. There a special gemstones as well as commands and scalar frequencies that have been digitized and downloaded into the Biotheric P & A disc. Simply keep the disc next to you when evaluating yourself or someone else to help with accuracy.

It works!

Dr. Gary Kersey
Pres. Quantum Care R & D, LLC


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