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What's Your Definition of a Miracle?Think about this for a moment....what IS a miracle?  Have you ever experienced a miracle in your life?  Have you ever witnessed a miracle in someone else's life?
Does religion always play a role in a miracle?  Can anyone perform a miracle, or, does the miracle have to come from God?  Mohammad?  Or an angel?  Or some known deity?
Does a miracle have to involve the supernatural in some way? for example, have you ever had a horrible headache and, after taking 2 aspirin, just 15 minutes later the headache is entirely gone. Does this qualify as a miracle? 
Some of us  decide some occurrence was a miracle, because it involved some event that is, by most, judged to be impossible.
Sometimes we decide something was a miracle, because the results happened extremely fast.
Because of my professional background I've been fortunate enough to have witnessed or listened to eye witness accounts from my patients various types of healings, which, I would say fe…