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Faith Can Move Mountains...So What Can A Shot Glass of Water Do?

Faith Can Move Mountains……So What Can A Shot Glass of Water Do? Well, the short answer is: Plenty! But you will probably need a little more information…. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
So here’s the scoop. Beginning in 1979, I started witnessing some amazing things in the field of healing. I had just purchased a thriving practice in Illinois south of Chicago and, since I immediately became what is referred to as a seminar junkie, I started bumping into all kinds of practitioners with various backgrounds and credentials. One of the things they all seemed to have in common, besides being very successful and having a strong desire to help people, was that, they used some form of Energy Medicine in their practices. Side Bar: [Energy Medicine deals with balancing the energy fields, both measurable and non- measurable, which ultimately allows the body to heal itself and return back to a state of harmo…