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New and Improved

There are many examples where scientists have gotten something completely wrong. 

And no, I’m not saying there are many examples of scientists actually coming out publicly admitting they had something completely wrong. That is extremely rare.
For some reason, this phenomenon seems to be very common in the healing field.

So we hear something new comes out.....some new theory.  But then we discover that MANY times it was already known YEARS ago, usually 25-50 years ago. Occasionally even HUNDREDS of  years ago.

So what happened?

First of all, new doctors replace old doctors…changing of the guard so to speak. And why is this important? The new doctors are given different information in medical school. They are told…learn this! The old ways are forgotten. But are they simply “forgotten”? It is usually very easy, with just a little digging and investigative reporting to show that money and politics are involved in most cases. Of course there are exceptions.

So what’s the mechanism?

Sometimes the older theory is simply ignored. Most human beings all having this belief that when something new, bright and shiny comes out it’s better than the outdated stuff. Go to the grocery store and walk down any isle and count how many times a label will say “New!”, “Improved!”, or “New and Improved”, right on the label. By going on Google and researching the product you will quickly notice that the product is almost, if not exactly the same. 

Sometimes something stronger is needed to eliminate something successful from the past. It takes some discrediting propaganda. A campaign is launched using the media, such as ads, papers, magazines, radio, television, sometimes even celebrities to cast aspersions on the so-called “old way”.

And sadly, with a little digging, one can find examples of where a particular person was murdered in order to put to rest some product, invention or way of thinking that posed as a threat to the “new and improved”.

And I hate to end on a sad note, as if all of this hasn’t been depressing. There isn’t that much murder these days, at least not in this context. And why is less murder a terrible thing?  Because it’s simply not as necessary. People are so easily brainwashed these days and the brainwashing sciences, (which don’t exist, as you know J ) have gotten EXTREMELY sophisticated. People are either too apathetic to look into why an extremely successful procedure or product would be completely replaced with a newer procedure or product that is infinitely more expensive and only 25% effective, or, they simply believe that if something is new and improved, it must be better than what was used in the past.

So who do you blame?

One could make a fantastic argument that it’s the general public. And that is partially true. It is simply human nature. When it comes to most things, including health, people want a quick fix. They will spend hours texting, talking on the phone, watching T.V., playing golf, etc., but when it comes to doing a 2 minute procedure once a week to balance the energy flow along the spine, or energizing drinking water with a Biotheric Rehydration disc before drinking, there just doesn’t seem to be any time for such things. I mean, when you’re busy, you’re busy. Who has an extra 2 min. a week?

But there is more to the story. The media, big advertising agents, huge companies that sell us products and services, they are all here to make money, and lots of it. Numerous mind-control tricks are used to make people think that, to be “in”, they absolutely have to own a certain product or eat a certain food. And if that particular product or food happens to be dangerous to one’s health, well, too bad.

So instead of blaming, simply take responsibility. Decide that sometimes the answers to your present life situations just might be solvable by ancient, effective balancing and healing systems that are thousands of years old. They are quite literally “gifts from God”. And do they need to be new and improved to work better? Probably not.

When you learn how to move energy, you’ve got the world by a string” 
Copyright © 2017

Dr. Gary Kersey ©2017
President, Quantum Care R & D, LLC

Dr. Gary Kersey. All Rights Reserved.


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