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What's Your Definition of a Miracle?

Think about this for a moment....what IS a miracle?  Have you ever experienced a miracle in your life?  Have you ever witnessed a miracle in someone else's life?

Does religion always play a role in a miracle?  Can anyone perform a miracle, or, does the miracle have to come from God?  Mohammad?  Or an angel?  Or some known deity?

Does a miracle have to involve the supernatural in some way? for example, have you ever had a horrible headache and, after taking 2 aspirin, just 15 minutes later the headache is entirely gone. Does this qualify as a miracle? 

Some of us  decide some occurrence was a miracle, because it involved some event that is, by most, judged to be impossible.

Sometimes we decide something was a miracle, because the results happened extremely fast.

Because of my professional background I've been fortunate enough to have witnessed or listened to eye witness accounts from my patients various types of healings, which, I would say fell into the category of a miracle.  

I tend to subscribe to the theory that miracles happen all the time, but most of us just don't look for them for some reason or another. 

Let me know what you think? Do any of these incidents below sound like miracles? 

        1.  I saw a 90 yr. old woman who had tripped on her basement step and her leg was very 
            painful. I took an x-ray of her leg, and, when I noticed she had a triple fracture and 
            came around the corner to tell her, she was going into shock. I used a very common
            energy medicine technique on her and within 2 minutes she was laughing and joking.
            Was this a miracle?

        2.  A young lady came up to me limping. I said what's wrong and she told me she had 
            fractured her little toe and was in a lot of pain. I aimed a small device at her foot 
            that falls under the heading of an energy medicine device for 2 min. I held the device 
            approximately 3 feet away from her foot.  After the 2 min. had passed she walked
            walked around on it and reported that the pain was 90% gone.  Her limp had
            vanished.  When I saw her the next day she said the pain was still 90% gone.  Miracle?          
        3.  I had a young lady come into my office with a severe migraine.  She said the pain was
             intolerable. Since she didn't have an appointment and we were booked, I placed a 
             small sugar pellet under her tongue that had been imprinted with a particular 
             frequency. This treatment obviously qualifies as an energy medicine intervention.
             In 15 minutes she came out of the room with an amazed look on her face.   The pain
             had vanished! She said she's had migraines for years and they always  take 5-6 days
             to go away.  She called it a miracle.

        4.  A few years ago I had a friend of mine help me with an experiment using baby chicks.
             We used an energy medicine device to treat chicken feed. Since we had two different
             types of chickens, we decided to give the treated chicken feed to the chicks that would
             not grow nearly and large as the chicks that got the untreated feed. After 8 weeks we
             noticed that the chicks that were supposed to grow up to be small chickens were 
             actually bigger than the chickens that had eaten untreated feed. Somehow, the feed
             that had been "zapped" with the energy medicine device created "super chickens".
             We couldn't believe our eyes! 

Let us hear from you.....

When you learn how to move energy, you’ve got the world by a string” 
Copyright © 2017
Dr. Gary Kersey. All Rights Reserved.


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