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Faith Can Move Mountains...So What Can A Shot Glass of Water Do?

Faith Can Move Mountains……So What Can A Shot Glass of Water Do?
Well, the short answer is: Plenty! But you will probably need a little more information….

So here’s the scoop. Beginning in 1979, I started witnessing some amazing things in the field of healing. I had just purchased a thriving practice in Illinois south of Chicago and, since I immediately became what is referred to as a seminar junkie, I started bumping into all kinds of practitioners with various backgrounds and credentials. One of the things they all seemed to have in common, besides being very successful and having a strong desire to help people, was that, they used some form of Energy Medicine in their practices.
Side Bar: [Energy Medicine deals with balancing the energy fields, both measurable and non-
measurable, which ultimately allows the body to heal itself and return back to a state of
harmony and wellness]

A short list of Energy Medicine tools and approaches would include homeopathy, acupuncture, acupressure, laying on of hands, Reiki, Crystals, Qi Gong, Visualization/ Meditation, certain types of massage therapy, Laser and light technologies, Vibrational/ Sound therapies, Subtle body/chakra balancing, and Electromagnetic frequencies.

Basically, Energy Medicine goes back, literally, to the beginning of Man on this planet. Even though the history of Energy Medicine is quite fascinating, I would like to talk about a wellness approach that is new…BRAND new…completely unique, and has just been introduced to the world a few months ago.

This technology would come under the heading of Energy Medicine, but it is SO unique and SO powerful, I think it almost needs its OWN category. This technology was developed by Quantum Care R & D, LLC and is called: Biotheric Energy Balancing.

Our goal was to not only create something EXTREMELY effective, but to create something that was affordable and easy to use for EVERYONE! And guess what?

We did it!

I won’t go into ALL our products at this time, but I WOULD like 

to mention one of our latest. They are called BIOTHERIC DISCS. 

People are going CRAZY over these things…

So what are they?

In this introductory paper, I will not go into HOW they work. That will be in other upcoming articles. What I’d like to do is simply tell WHAT they do, and attempt to show you how EASY and SIMPLE it is to use them.

There are over 100 discs available at the time this article was written. If you have a particular health issue you would like to address, simply order the disc or discs that seem to match up with your problems. Obviously, some problems are easier than others to correct. Many factors are involved, such as the person’s age, how long they’ve had the problem, etc., but in some cases, we’ve actually seen positive results in less than 2 days. Some of the simpler issues of which we’ve seen fantastic response would include: Knee, Shoulder, Elbow, Wrist, Hip, Neck, T.M.J., and Low Back.
There are also Discs that can effect joints, emotions, stress, water balance, immune system, liver and kidney function, thyroid, dental issues, trauma, parasites, and much, much more. And get this…in some situations, we can actually make a CUSTOM disc tailored to the specific needs of a client. Is that wild or what?

And how are they used? Easy!!

Place a shot glass full of water on one of 190 Biotheric Discs available, for 2 Min. Pour the water into your mouth…hold 15 sec….then swallow. That’s it!!
If you are using more than one disc, separate each dose by 15 sec. Oh, and don’t eat or drink anything 15 min. before or after taking your Biotheric remedy.

Like I said….Easy!!

If you would like more information, catalog, prices, etc. please contact us.

When you learn how to move energy, you’ve got the world by a string”  
Copyright © 2012 Dr. Gary Kersey. All Rights Reserved.


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